Deme Lomas

NIU Kitchen

My name is Deme Lomas, one of the three owners and chef of Niu Kitchen.

I started developing a passion for cooking at a very young age. When my mother would go out to do the shopping, I found myself in the kitchen making all sorts of little disasters. Though I've learned a lot since that time, I still have the same fascination for what I do as I did back then.

Around the time that I began taking cooking courses, I also started to developing a passion for music. I studied jazz for several years but eventually abandoned it because of economic difficulties. I found I could live off of cooking, but not music.

I started working in different restaurants around Barcelona and learning as much as I could. In 2008, I became the executive chef for the restaurant group Fishop, a great achievement for me. It has been four years since I moved to the USA, and a year since I started this project called Niu with my friends and now partners. Together, we've managed to cultivate this restaurant concept to the point where it is today.

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What is your earliest memory involving food or wine?
My mom's (Feliciana!) macarrones a la boloƱesa - tomato sofrito, ground meat, and lots of garlic and onion.

If this is your first year participating in SOBEWFF, what are you most looking forward to?
I'm excited to be able to showcase our restaurant and reach people from all over the globe here in Miami. It goes without saying that I can't wait to try all the food!

If you could cook with anyone in the world, who would it be?
Carme Ruscalleda; she is a culinary icon.

I never leave home without my: