Carlo Mirarchi

Roberta's / Blanca

Carlo Mirarchi is the Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Roberta's and Blanca, two restaurants in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Mirarchi has been featured prominently in publications like VOGUE, GQ, Bon Apptit & The Guardian (to name a few) for his imaginative and often boundary-pushing menus. Self-taught and unencumbered by traditional culinary instruction, his technique was described by the New York Times as "kitchen poetry." While Roberta's is the "rural-urban-hippie-punk food Utopia," Blanca is it's sophisticated brother. Described as "dazzling" and an "epic food adventure," Blanca received its second Michelin star and a three-star review from Pete Wells of The New York Times in 2015. Mirarchi was named Food & Wine's Best New Chef in 2011 and one of Crain's 40 Under 40 honorees in 2015.