In 1947, Jim Hadler opened his first doughnut shop on SW 8th Street in Miami, Florida. For over 53 years this store remained an icon in Miami History.

Its coffee shop was a meeting place for people of all walks of life, from local American and Cuban families to politicians from around the country.

The Velvet Crme Doughnut Company was the scene of many movies and fund raisers, for years gaining fame in the Miami Vice and Art Deco Era.

In 1989, the business was handed down to Jim's son, Gary, who immediately opened another location across from the University of Miami. This store also became an icon in the neighborhood.

What's inside the box is extremely important to us. We realize, however, that the most important ingredient in making great doughnuts is our people. We hire great people so we can make great doughnuts.

Due to an illness in the family, the two Miami locations were closed in 2000. Now with a national trademark and its own signature brand of great coffee, The Velvet Crme Doughnut & Coffee Company is back.