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Festival Dates: Feb 20-23, 2014

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Jonathan and Eileen Andrade

Islas Canarias

Islas Canarias Restaurant is a family owned restaurant based in Miami, FL that was established in 1977 by Raul and Amelia Garcia and their two children Nancy and Santiago. Forced to leave several restaurants behind in his native Cuba, Raul decided to bring traditional Cuban and Spanish cuisine to Miami, FL. Raul’s family recipes have been preserved throughout the years under the careful watch of his children and now grandchildren. Using the finest quality ingredients, Islas Canarias Restaurant strives to prepare the best tasting homemade dishes from its family recipes. At any of Islas Canarias’ three locations, you can find traditional Cuban and Spanish fare along with fusion specials that have been introduced to the menu by Raul’s grandchildren, Eileen and Jonathan Andrade.

Islas Canarias Restaurant’s most popular item on their menu is their famous homemade “croquetas.” Thousands come by everyday at each location to try these delicious pieces of heaven made out of their choice of: Ham, Chicken, or Cod. Raul’s grandson, Jonathan, is in charge of the production and distribution of these famous “croquetas”, while his granddaughter, Eileen, runs their newest location, Islas Canarias Café. This location offers fresh cakes, desserts, bread and a full menu of traditional Cuban fare and not-so-traditional Cuban fare.

With many new projects underway, the Islas family continues to offer the original, tasty flavors that Raul established in 1977. Customers still reminisce about Raul’s first restaurant in Miami that had only 18 bar stools with an open kitchen and is still greeted with hugs and kisses from customers anytime he visits the restaurants. His hard work, dedication and focus on keeping customers happy has been passed down to his grandchildren who will continue the legacy of fresh ingredients, tasty food, and good service.

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