Laurent Cantineaux, Sunny Oh and Gregory Gourreau

Juvia Miami


Seoul born, Executive Chef Sunny Oh has lived an entire life with the sea. After immigrating to the Florida coast at age 5, Sunny began fishing indigenous salt water fare. This instilled a lifelong passion within Sunny to create the most unique and flavorful dishes pulled from the ocean’s depths. After 10 years at Nobu and countless hours in his own kitchen, Sunny’s primary focus remains fashioning one-of-a-kind, raw, cured and cooked fresh caught dishes that are as delectable as they are ingredient conscious. 


At Juvia, Chef Laurent Cantineaux's unique style and sense heightening culinary techniques have reached their crescendo. Perfecting the art of dish creation and preparation has proven a labor of love, crossing multiple continents while developing his craft at Frances Troisgros as well as with Chef Daniel Boulud, Chef Cantineaux's extensive culinary experience in Venezuela imparts boldness and depth to each of his classically trained French designed dishes.


A protégé of such iconic chefs as Alain Ducasse, François Payard, and Daniel Boulud, pastry chef Gregory Gourreau, who was classically trained in France, is the talent behind Juvia's sweeter side. His decadent confections made using French techniques but incorporating light, fresh tropical fruits and sumptuous chocolate is a feast for the palate as well as for the yes. Before helping Juvia, Miami's newest penthouse dining destination achieve sweet success, Gourreau created desserts for some of the world's top-rated restaurants, such as Payard Patisserie and Bistro at Caesars Palace among others. 

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What is your earliest memory involving food or wine?
As a child , I would watch my mother cooking and chopping things in the kitchen while she sang

If this is your first year participating in SOBEWFF, what are you most looking forward to?
Meet some of the other chefs

I never leave home without my:
Smart Phone, It's my connection to the industry