Born and raised in the coasts of Peru, Chef Fernando Chang has always been in contact with the ocean. Always curious about the vegetables, fruits and fish harvested in the region, he started exploring ways to improve Peruvian typical dishes and bring to the table a new twist on every day foods. 

Son of two Asian Immigrants, Chef Fernando found a passion in mixing Asian inspired plates with Caribbean flavors. Ever since he moved to Miami, he has been experimenting with local flavors such as guava, mango and passion fruit and incorporating them into traditional Asian cuisine, merging both cultures and bringing to the table Asian/Caribbean dishes that represent the city of Miami and its melting pot of cultures. 

With more than 30 years of experience, Chef Fernando has been infusing his signature flavors in many restaurants both in his native Peru and in the city of Miami. In 2002 he began his journey in the Kosher world, and ever since he has dedicated his time to finding ways to leverage his know-how of traditional Asian plates into the kosher world as new culinary experience. 

As the innovator, chef, and partner of 26 Sushi and Tapas, Chef Fernando is taking a fresh, contemporary approach by introducing to the Kosher world a local new take on Nikkei inspired cuisine.