Gilbert Arriaza

Gilbert's Bakery

Since 1976, Gilbert’s has been a part of Miami as a family owned and operated business with a baking tradition dating back to 1928 in Camagüey, Cuba. Gilberto Arriaza Sr. set its foundation on solid family values, deep rooted work ethic, and an insatiable thirst for everything related to food. Our menu is diverse – Latin and European cuisine, petit and larger portions, traditional and innovative flavors, all types of packaging and presentations, and infinite sweet combinations and designs.   Signature products include our Bocadito Francés, Salgado, Montego cake, pastelitos, our vast variety of croquettes, and mini desserts which include the popular petit tocinillos del cielo and dessert parfaits. We support an ever-changing menu that also includes seasonal flavors and special holiday creations.   Our bakeries are located on Coral Way and Bird Road, and most recently Gilbert’s inaugurated its two cafes in Miami International Airport. Gilbert’s has also developed a wholesale line after observing a need in the market for custom ethnic varieties that are not available to chefs and restaurateurs.  Gilbert’s is stronger and more exciting than ever. The next generations are pioneering our social media presence, promotional and outreach initiatives, new flavor profiles, and green and locally grown projects. And all motivated by our love of food and family.