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Festival Dates: Feb 20-23, 2014

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Robert Mongelli

Hogfish Bar & Grill

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Unless you live in Key West, you will only find Hogfish Bar & Grill on a tip. Once there, you know instantly that it is a local's spot, where the people who fish, eat fish. Hogfish is the way the Lower Keys used to be, and now a days, it's an escape for those wanting to get away from the downtown hustle and bustle. Hogfish is a place to savor the simple but memorable pleasures of just peeling and eating shrimp or you can dig into some of the top-notch hogfish specialties, as well as many other creative and fresh local seafood dishes, as fishing boats move in and out of port. The adjacent marina used to be the headquarters of the Bay of Pigs operation, and in peaceful times the Cuba ferry docked nearby. Today, artists and craft workers have claimed this private area, creating their studio cottages lined up along the water. There is a tranquil, out of time presence as if nothing will change – as if the future lies in bringing people back to easy seaside living and fresh local food. This working, waterfront community is the one area of Key West and Stock Island that isn't trying to look like a newer, more polished more updated version of itself, but like the old, weathered soul it is.

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